A face mask with triple filtration that is also reusable?

A face mask with triple filtra...
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As 2020 continues to throw curveballs our way, one thing is certain; we are all very much still in a global pandemic. With the CDC continuing to recommend face coverings and scientific studies revealing the power of masks in helping stop the spread of the novel COVID-19 virus, it is up to all of us to do our part.

Normally a consumer electronics company, Brio Protection pivoted a portion of its business model during these trying times to help source medical supplies and alleviate healthcare shortages. Based in the USA, this agile team, who has so far delivered over 2 million N95 respirators to health systems in the Midwest, is now on a quest to bring high-quality safety products to small businesses and individuals everywhere. While they currently do not sell healthcare-grade masks to the public, they do produce various face covers with premium protection, all at a fraction of the price of other competitors.

Cue in the 3D Comfort mask. This revolutionary mask, made of non-woven stretch fabric, is designed to hug faces of all shapes and sizes, while being easy and quick to put on and taken off. With triple the filtration, the durable cover is reusable for up to two weeks and blocks 80% of harmful PM2.5 particulate matter, viruses, and bacteria. While other reusable cloth masks are priced at roughly $15 and up, the 3D Comfort mask prices out at merely $2-4 per mask — and brings forth triple the protection. With such accessible pricing, these FDA approved covers give you the opportunity to house a mask in various locations or have extras in case of an emergency.

With health and safety being one of their highest priorities, Brio Protection is hoping to help keep people virus-free one individual at a time. And, staying true to its mission, for every 3D Comfort mask purchase made, the company will donate a mask to those bravely working on the front lines.

Get a 5-Pack of 3D Comfort Reusable Masks here.

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