Pay only $25 for a lifetime eSIM with extra $50 data credit

Pay only $25 for a lifetime eSIM with extra $50 data credit
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TL;DR: Score an eSIM that never expires for only $24.99 and get an extra $50 data credit.

You don't have to keep paying exorbitant roaming charges or swap sim cards whenever you travel. aloSIM is a global eSIM you can use anywhere in the world, and for a limited time, you can score lifetime access with a $50 data credit for only $25 this Memorial Day.

It should be easy to stay connected whenever you head abroad, but the truth of the matter is that it isn't. Finding places with reliable WiFi can be tough, and even if you do, it's not always free. Meanwhile, carriers are notorious for overcharging customers with international data fees, and swapping sim cards every time is laborious. The cheapest and quickest alternative is an eSIM like aloSIM, which grants you unfettered access to mobile data across the globe, with flexible packages available to boot.

aloSIM is just like any sim, except that it works in over 120 countries and regions and doesn't involve tinkering with a tiny piece of plastic. Compatible with virtually any device, it offers a fast and stable internet connection anywhere, anytime, sans the ridiculous roaming charges. You can also shop from various data packages available and choose one that caters to your needs.

While this offer nets you $50 in data credit, you can top up quickly once you run out. Data packages start at $4.50 and typically last seven days, but the overall length of validity still depends on your chosen plan. Since the eSIM has no expiry, you can top up with more data as you go.

Pro tip: purchase and install your aloSIM before you board that plane to save you the headache of trying to access a good connection at the airport. When you arrive at your destination, simply activate your package, and you're good to go. “Glad to find this app. Much cheaper travel data than going through my carrier. Easy to use and got what I needed at a good price," raved one user.

Stay connected wherever you go with aloSIM. For a limited time, you can grab a lifetime eSIM with a $50 data credit for just $25.

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