Get this knife sharpener for $59.99 for 24 hours only

Get this knife sharpener for $59.99 for 24 hours only
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You were in charge of cutting the turkey on Thanksgiving. You picked up your knife and started with the first slice. You soon realized the knife wouldn't cut through a pat of butter. Looks like it’s time to get a professional knife sharpener.

There are so many reasons to keep the knives in your kitchen sharp, besides making you look like a master carver. Ever tried cutting a tomato with a blunt edge? If so, you know the end result. Rather than nice clean slices, you end up with a mashed mess. And while it may seem counter-productive, a dull blade is actually more dangerous to use than a sharp one. Because of the force and pressure required to get a dull knife to cut through anything, the chances of the knife slipping are increased, together with the possibility of self-harm. And if you do happen to injure yourself accidentally, a cut from a dull knife actually takes longer to heal as the cut is generally wider and more jagged, while that from a sharp knife is cleaner (albeit potentially deeper).

So if you’re still fighting with your food trying to slice, dice, chop, or whatever culinary activity you’re using your knife for, then you have two options: Buy a whole new set of knives (which you will still have to keep sharp), or invest in a professional sharpener.

During our December Deal of the Day Campaign, for the next 24 hours only we are offering this Angle Pro Knife Sharpener with Angle Gauge for an additional 20% off our already discounted price—no coupon needed!

Angle Pro Sharpener Explainer Video

Featuring a stainless steel angle gauge that measures your blade's exact angle, three ceramic wheels for honing your blade, three diamond wheels for sharpening your blade, and three tungsten carbide rods for putting a new edge on your blade, this 3-in-1 sharpener is going to make easy work in the kitchen and beyond. Successfully funded on Kickstarter, and with a 4.5/5 star rating from verified buyers, it is also the recipient of glowing reviews. With accolades such as “It's given new life to steak knives that I received as a gift many years ago and didn't want to replace,” and “Best sharpener on the market. I have 40 year old knives that I have restored to better than factory made!!!” you can be assured you are getting a quality product.

So don’t delay. Regularly valued at $199, this Angle Pro Knife Sharpener is on sale for one day only at the low price of $59.99—the best price you'll find on the web!

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