Let the Apollo wearable help you sleep better

Let the Apollo wearable help you sleep better
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According to a recent sleep study, consistent Apollo wearable users gain an extra 30 minutes of high-quality sleep per night. The Apollo wearable was developed to help strengthen your nervous system and support your circadian rhythm so you can sleep better.

Stress is universal. And causes of stress are everywhere, including everything from inflation, global uncertainty, and the COVID pandemic, to our own unique professional and personal challenges. And the pressures of managing those feelings then get compounded by the effects until we’re a walking collection of frazzled nerves and short fuses, sometimes even a physical wreck. The cycle can feel endless. These stressors in addition to endless screen time and round-the-clock news can make falling asleep tough.

The Apollo wearable delivers calm, soothing vibrations developed to improve and eventually even recalibrate the body’s response to stress by rebalancing the nervous system. This helps when it’s time to rest, recover, and of course fall asleep.

Apollo’s sleek band slips around a wrist, ankle, or you can use their new clip accessory to attach it to your clothing. When synced with the Apollo Neuro app, the wearable delivers a vibration pattern that sends silent, gentle sensations to help you go from a “fight or flight” state, to “rest and digest”.

The vibrations read to the body like a calming touch, enveloping bodily systems with the same soothing effect of a hug from a friend or a cuddle from a pet. The device literally improves your heart rate variability (HRV), a key biometric of stress resilience, which opens the door to better sleep patterns, improved focus, more effortless calm, deeper sleep, and an overall elevated sense of well-being in both body and mind.

And there’s more than anecdotal evidence of Apollo’s effectiveness. In clinical studies, those who used the device reported across-the-board improvements, including 40 percent less stress or feelings of anxiety, 50 percent more energy, improved focus and concentration by up to 25 percent, and about an extra 30 minutes of quality sleep each night.

While tamping back stress and anxiety is an obvious plus, Apollo’s true power is its long-term impact through repeated use. As the device gently nudges toward a “rest and digest” parasympathetic nervous response that restores balance in the body, that regular activity actually begins to rewire how the body responds to stress triggers, and how well it rests.

By stimulating the body’s own natural stress-reducing chemicals, the device helps train the nervous system to achieve that parasympathetic response entirely on its own. That means Apollo actually works better the more you use it, steering your body naturally toward a more holistic, better-rested state.

Naturally, that type of sleep treatment is a game-changer for many anxiety sufferers like Joshua. He wrote, “I have noticed much improved and deeper sleep since wearing the Apollo.”

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