Get to know your body better with this clever fitness band

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If you're a fitness enthusiast or are looking to start becoming one, the AURA Band Fitness Tracker may be a great contender to add to your daily workouts. This device will help you achieve your fitness and health goals for the summer and beyond by tracking everything you need to keep your body in check.

This small yet mighty device helps you get the most out of any workout by tracking all your unique features. Its bioimpedance technology allows the band to take note of metrics you may not have thought affect your fitness. Its highly sensitive 9-axis movement tracking module will keep track of your sleep patterns, body muscle mass, walking rhythm, heart rate, and so much more.

With all the data available on the Aura app as well as pairing seamlessly to other apps you already use, you'll be able to track all your body variables with ease. Focusing on real-time information about your everyday activities, you'll get a summarized report each day and get to know your body better — making it easier to tackle your fitness goals.

Compatible with iOS 11.0 or later, watchOS 6.1 or later, and Android 5.0 or later, this wearable device is powered through a simple USB cable — with the battery lasting up to seven days per charge. Other features include a sleek design complete with dust and water protection, six LED light modes, and scratch-resistant coating. You'll even be able to answer phone calls and see message notifications thanks to it's Bluetooth 4.2 connection.

Equipped with top-notch technology, The AURA Band Fitness Tracker, which usually sells for $180, can be yours today for only $161.99.

Prices subject to change.

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