Learn while you drive with this celebrity-backed story-telling app, now $40

Learn while you drive with this celebrity-backed story-telling app, now $40
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TL;DR: Autio is like a podcast that follows along as you drive by telling quick celebrity-narrated stories about local landmarks, great places to eat, and more, and it's only $39.99 for three years.

Learn on the road with Autio. This location-based storytelling app teaches about the world as you drive through it, whether you want to learn about the land, local hotspots, or the history of your surroundings. And it's only $39.99 for 3 years.

An educational app for road trips

Enhance your drive by learning about the world just beyond your window. Autio is a mobile app that follows along with your location and gives you fun and interesting insights about different areas nearby. There's already a huge library of over 23,000 stories based on over 10,000+ locations around the United States, and more are added every week.

You might even recognize some of the voices coming from your phone. You might get restaurant recommendations from Kevin Costner or learn about a mountain range from John Lithgow. Even Phil Jackson recorded stories for Autio, so listen up for a familiar voice and a fascinating story.

Autio - Audio for Travel

Stories play automatically depending on your location, but you can also download them in advance for offline listening. You don't even have to be on the road. Check out the map of locations and download whatever you want. The world is yours for the listening.

This subscription lasts for three years. You can access it on up to three different mobile devices, and Autio supports iOS and Android. Updates are included with your purchase.

Learn on the road

Whether you're running errands or crossing the country, you can listen and learn while you do it.

Get a three-year Autio Unlimited Plan for $39.99.

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