Babbel is the top grossing language app and it's $450 off now

Babbel is the top grossing language app and it's $450 off now
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TL;DR: Babbel your way to learning another language with the app used by over 10 million people around the world, now for only $149.97.

Conjugations, tenses, article agreements … if these are some of your not-so-favorite things about learning a new language, maybe you’re doing it wrong. With Babbel you can jumpstart your learning by diving into key phrases you would need right away.

If just the thought of getting started on taking on a new language puts the fear of high school Spanish in you, then you can rest easy that Babbel is not about drills. It’s not about endless hours learning about verbs and all their irregularities. It’s about learning what you want to say in the context you want to say it through podcasts, games, videos, and more. By logging on for only 10 minutes a day (of course, you can go longer if you want to!) you can access short, bite-sized lessons and cover a number of real-life topics such as transportation, dining, shopping, directions, making friends, and much more! With consistent practice, you could be speaking your newly learned language confidently after just one month.

The voices that are teaching you are all native speakers who will guide you through pronunciation. Moreover, to ensure that you don’t just memorize the words and phrases, Babbel uses speech recognition technology so that you can sound authentic as well. Babbel employs proven cognitive techniques that move new vocabulary through your brain’s six memory stages, making sure what you learn really sticks.

So before you book your flight to the next foreign country on your bucket list, why not take some time and learn to speak their language? Not only could it make your trip easier and more enjoyable (conversing with the locals is the best way to get to know the area you’re in), but being bilingual, or even multilingual has so many other advantages. It can improve your job prospects. It can enhance your communication skills in your own language (and often make other languages easier to learn). It can help to stave off dementia. There really are no downsides.

Used by 10 million people globally, Babbel is the #1 top-grossing language-learning app in the world. It offers 14 different languages, including many of those you expect, plus a few that may surprise you, like Turkish and Indonesian. People are raving! “I have tried other language apps and found them boring but with Babbel, it is easy and fun to practice every day.” “Almost like real immersion. Practical dialogues that will be useful when I’ll have conversations.”

Here is your last chance to get a lifetime subscription to Babbel for the further reduced price of only $149.97. Don’t hesitate. This offer ends April 23th at 11:59 pm PST.

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