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Life at home can easily fall into the same boring routine, no matter if you're a student taking online courses, a professional telecommuting, or just someone who has plenty of time on your hands. Rather than let monotony and boredom bring you down, it's a great idea to invest in the resources that can help you stay sharp and creative. In addition to improving your overall mental health, many other benefits come from learning a new language. A lifetime subscription to Babbel Language Learning (All Languages) empowers you to learn new languages from 14 available options, and it's on sale for just $159. That's 60% off the normal price of $399.

A lifetime subscription to Babbel makes it easy to learn a new language from home. To begin with, you have the luxury to choose from 14 available language options, including Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Danish, Dutch, Indonesian, Norwegian, Polish, Swedish, and Turkish. So, unlike school in which your language-learning options are few, you now have many available to you at the tip of your fingers from any computer, smartphone, or tablet. Having access to Babbel across your devices is a real benefit since it lets you conveniently fit bite-sized lessons — 10 to 15 minutes covering useful real-life topics from family to business to food and more — into your at-home schedule.

Plus, since this lifetime subscription comes with access to all of Babbel's languages, you have the freedom to jump from one language to another if your interests change. With time, you'll learn the basics of any language and move onto advanced topics, so you can learn how to carry on conversations with native speakers.

On top of that, you'll learn how to speak a new language with confidence. It's easy to refine your pronunciation through Babbel's speech recognition technology, which provides tips for how to properly enunciate words and is particularly useful for those individuals who do not have anyone else with whom to practice. And if that still doesn't cut it, you get personalized review sessions that reinforce what you learn so it sticks. Those are just a few of the ways Babbel helps you learn a new language and speak it confidently. No wonder why it has a 4.6/5 star rating on Google Play from 480,000+ reviews and a 4.6/5 star rating on the App Store from 94,000+ reviews.

A lifetime subscription to Babbel Language Learning (All Languages) helps you stay sharp and creative by learning a new language from home. Get it today for just $159.