Working from home? This ergonomic solution will keep your posture in line

Working from home? This ergono...
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Did you know that good posture is one of the most important defenses against pain? However, many of us don't even realize that our stance is out of line until we start getting aches. With BackShield® Ergonomic Back Support, you'll get innovative back reinforcement that will strengthen your posture and improve your overall health while driving or working from home.

Rated 4.4/5 stars on Amazon, BackShield is quickly becoming a leading device for fighting bad posture effectively. With a three-layer design that aids in naturally supporting the lumbar curvature of your spine, this product will help improve posture and back pain while you're on the go or at home. By gently lifting your backbone, it alleviates spinal compression — a feature that other products don't integrate into their designs. Fitting seamlessly onto any car seat, office chair, and more, you'll be able to transport the lightweight gadget — complete with grab-n-go handles — wherever you need it and reduce the inflammation in your back that many times causes pain.

Made with an ergonomic frame that pairs with a flexible outer foam layer, you'll get the ultimate comfort that is neither too firm nor too soft. It creates perfectly form-fitted and balanced adjustments, no matter your body type. With a durable construction that stays perfectly in place and an easy to clean surface, you'll be able to clean the device effortlessly whenever the time comes.

Usually priced at $90, the BackShield Ergonomic Back Support can be yours today for $80.99. Transform the way your body feels and improve your posture at a whole new level with this supportive device.

Prices subject to change.

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