Take 68% off this portable muscle pain-alleviating tool

Take 68% off this portable mus...
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Whether you work on the computer all day, just finished a strenuous workout, or have a painful cramp in your leg, The BioGrit Massage Gun is here to assist. Now price-dropped at 68% off, this tool is an excellent choice in massage models and will help your muscles warm-up and recover with ease — all while being pleasantly quiet.

Designed to send waves of relaxation throughout any problem area, the BioGrit Massage Gun eases kinks and relieves your pain no matter where it may be. It comes complete with eight interchangeable heads (ranging in texture, width, and size) that are great for targeting different areas of the body, no matter where you need it most. With ten adjustable motor speeds that cater to your treatment needs, this massage gun delivers sturdy and comfortable high (and low) pressure levels. Use it to massage your hips, legs, calves, joints, spine, back, etc. The healing possibilities are endless.

The portable cordless construction allows for ease-free usage in any location, inside or out. With eight hours of charge available per session, you'll have plenty of time to go deep (or gentle) into any muscle. The innovative, quiet technology makes the BioGrit discrete, making your experience a whole lot more relaxing. It also makes an excellent gift for any friends or family members that need relief from strenuous exercise, bad posture, or stress-related aches and pains.

Usually priced at $450, The BioGrit Massage Gun + 8 Replaceable Massage Heads is currently on sale for only $139.99 — that's over $300 off! Ease muscle aches, prevent future ones from occurring, or treat yourself to a gentle massage with this multi-speed gadget that packs a punch.

Prices subject to change.

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