Safeguard your home with this AI-powered security cam for an extra 15% off

Safeguard your home with this ...
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Installing security cameras is an easy way to keep a vigilant eye on your own home, but how will your cameras differentiate friend from foe? With the magic of AI, the blurams Dome Pro makes this possible, and you can grab one for an extra 15% off.

How to protect your home | Blurams Security Camera

The blurams Dome Pro is a 1080p security camera that uses smart AI facial recognition to create a database of people who enter your home frequently, so if someone it doesn’t recognize enters, you’ll know right away. The Dome Pro also uses sound and motion detection to differentiate between people, pets and moving objects. Its powerful 1080p camera has virtually no blind spots and can even capture footage at night. Finally, you can view 4 Dome Pros simultaneously from your phone using the blurams app, so you’ll always know whether your home is safe and secure.

You can secure your home using the AI-powered blurams Dome Pro for just $49.99, and you can save an additional 15% off using coupon code BFSAVE15.

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