Build wealth through real estate investments with Caliber

Build wealth through real estate investments with Caliber
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If you're an individual with an average amount of income — as in, you make a moderate, livable salary and have set aside some savings (but want more), it can feel like the world of private real estate investments is completely unattainable.

Enter Caliber, the wealth development company that's available online that helps provide individuals access to sophisticated, private real estate investments that were traditionally only accessible for wealthy investors or institutions.

Caliber is a different type of real investment company: it's a diverse platform that offers its users access to new types of revenue streams, fueled by a full-service fund management business. These different revenue streams allow Caliber investors to choose fund strategies that best fit their needs — these funds are then deployed into attractive, lucrative projects that haven't even hit the market yet.

With Caliber, a normal investor can benefit from all of the investments being made by the wealthy and ultra wealthy clients the company serves.

Those projects are then grown through Caliber's hands-on management and development services, before those profits are eventually distributed or re-invested. All you need to do is pay an annual, one-time fee. What's the fee used towards? Caliber is actually raising capital — so you have the opportunity to invest in one of Inc. 5000's fastest-growing companies for the past seven years straight before Caliber is even available on a public market.

Now is actually the perfect time to do this, especially in a post-COVID world, where capital formation is experiencing dramatic changes that you can benefit from.

First, there's been a 2-3x year-over-year growth for investors using online investment platforms, which means both accredited and non-accredited investors now have the ability to buy in early stage companies, seed rounds, series A, and late-stage pre-ipo rounds. Next, there's been a whopping 531% increase in IPO capital formed through the SPAC structure in 2020 ($59.2b YTD), compared to the previous four-year average of $9.375b (as of Nov 16, 2020). Finally, the increase in the size of available funding rounds through a late-year SEC rule change, allowing $5m in crowdfunding (up from $1m) and $75m in a Reg A+ mini-ipo (up from $50m).

These new and innovative capital structures are key for mid-market business owners while they look at formation capital, growth capital, and exit capital — which open up a wealth of opportunities that were previously unavailable. With Caliber as your broker, you can trust that they will apply a rigorous underwriting criteria to help minimize your risk as an investor — and while the real estate market is distressed, you can use Caliber to realize significant investment opportunities with accredited investors and registered investment advisors.

Invest in Caliber today — visit their website to learn more.