This pop-up cabin is perfect for anyone looking to camp solo

This pop-up cabin is perfect f...
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Whether working from home, the office, or anywhere in between, chances are you've been stuck inside all winter. It's time to go outside to see what life has to offer while ditching conventional camping tents. Insert the sleek CARSULE Pop-Up Cabin.

So, what's the difference between this bad boy and your average, run-of-the-mill tent? The CARSULE is essentially an extension of your house in a pop-up form that fits neatly against any vehicle. Sit, stand, and relax in this mobile living room that is perfect for those of us who work on the go, want some extra outdoor protection, or would just rather have our own space in the great outdoors in lieu of sharing a cramped log cabin. It uses the frame of your door's truck hatch as a structure to stand firm and steady, as well as makes it super easy to grab things like sacks and essentials from the back seat of virtually any car model.

No fears about growing out of this cabin — it has a 6.5-foot clearance, making it virtually impossible to feel anything less than roomy and cozy all at the same time. The best part? It's both waterproof and UV resistant, so the weather doesn't stand a chance trying to come between you and the subtle sounds of mother nature just around the bend.

CARSULE - A Pop-Up Cabin for your Car

Need a little extra push to purchase this best friend of campers everywhere? Just ask the 70 people that backed this product with $17,700 of funding on Kickstarter — they'll sing its praises loud and clear.

It's time for you to stop wishing and wanting and start go-getting all those experiences you've missed this winter. Get CARSULE Pop-Up Cabin for Your Car, which includes two ceiling tension ropes, four guy ropes, four screw-in pegs, and two magnet cords for $299.99 (Reg. $379).

Prices subject to change.