Clearcover offering drivers a new way to experience car insurance companies

Clearcover offering drivers a ...
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If spending hours comparing car insurance options is not at the top of your to-do list, you're not alone. However, with the global pandemic impacting the amount that we drive our cars, as well as our paychecks and finances, it's smart to take a second look at that monthly recurring charge.

Instead of starting from scratch and getting quotes from the usual car insurance behemoths, you'll want to check out Clearcover. It's no secret that Insurtech is hot, and Clearcover is the hottest company disrupting the car insurance industry specifically. Praised as the Lemonade of car insurance, Clearcover is making it easy to find the best price and coverage plans. What's in it for them? In Clearcover's most recent poll, 87% of American respondents said they would consider switching carriers if a new brand offered easy-to-understand policies and competitive pricing. That's a lot of wary car insurance buyers, and Clearcover is ready to provide a better digital option.

Not only does Clearcover help you compare car insurance rates from hundreds of providers — both big and small — using artificial intelligence (AI), they also make managing your policy easy in their convenient mobile app. You'll be able to make payments, request roadside assistance, acquire proof of insurance, file a claim and more, all within their mobile app after purchasing your plan. Sure, getting a better rate is the goal here, but their 95% customer satisfaction rating doesn't hurt. Clearcover is continuously updating its mobile app features with a personal touch in mind, where drivers are able to manage their policy within a few clicks or live chat with insurance experts when needed.

Perhaps one of its most compelling features is the uncomplicated and flexible manner that the company allows you to adjust your auto coverage at any given time. As described by the Brown family, who saved $520 in one year, "With Clearcover I'm confident that we're not overpaying for car insurance and that we're not paying for coverage we don't need."

Named one of CNBC's most promising start-ups to watch in 2019, Clearcover is currently available in eight states in the US, but quickly expanding to other areas. Don't look now, but they're quickly disrupting the way the entire nation finds its car insurance.

Find out how much you could be saving today — after all, you can relax as they do all the heavy lifting.

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