Teach kids how to code with two-for-one access to this top-rated app

Teach kids how to code with two-for-one access to this top-rated app
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Are you feeling guilty about all the screen time your kids consume? CodeSpark Academy introduces computer science to kids in the most interactive way possible and gives you access to two three-month subscriptions for the price of one.

Life is busy: work, meetings, family events, errands, dinner, etc. You have to keep your kids entertained amongst all the hustle and bustle. CodeSpark Academy believes screen time for kids can be a good thing. Their mission is to ignite curiosity and creativity in the newest generations and help them feel excited about computer science and programming.

The app, named one of the best 2020 digital tools by The American Association of School Librarians, strives to prepare kids everywhere with the skills they need to succeed, and it's already been a big hit with teachers, parents, and kids. Their award list is growing every year. They are also proud participants of various organizations that strive for diversity and critical skill building for kids — with another one of their dreams being to close the gender gap in STEM.

Fundamental elements in coding, such as loops, sequencing, conditional statements, and more, are taught in a digestible, fun way and packaged into an intuitive interface with colorful games like Crocodile Catch and Pet Pals. There are also no distractions from pesky ads or extra fees for game purchases, providing kids with the concentration and freedom they need to explore.

The content is geared towards kids ages four to nine, which is also the age when sharing things can be a struggle. The codeSpark platform is currently providing two accounts for the price of one to bring a grand collection of puzzles, coding challenges, and other creative methods to two kids at once and teach them the building blocks of coding along the way.

For a limited time, you can get three months of a CodeSpark Academy Sibling Bundle for only $17.99 — nearly 70% off its MSRP price of $59. That's the best pricing online, even beating out Amazon deals! Introduce your kids to computer science or give the app to loved ones and make screen time an educational experience.

Prices subject to change.