Master Raspberry Pi and Arduino with this $20 New Year, New You bundle

Master Raspberry Pi and Arduin...
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Ready to take on new skills that will further your career? Learn in-demand programs Raspberry Pi and Arduino with this comprehensive developer bundle, now further price-dropped to only $20 for the New Year, New You sale.

There's no denying that developers of all kinds have been in high demand. While learning to code and program may seem like a highly daunting skill to learn, The 2022 Complete Raspberry Pi and Arduino Developer Bundle breaks down each concept in a comprehensive, easily digestible way — just in time for 2022.

With nine extensive courses and nearly 650 lessons, this master bundle is designed to help beginners and intermediate students understand the tremendous advantages Raspberry Pi and Arduino offer. Led by Edouard Renard, a software engineer, entrepreneur, and holder of a 4.2 out of 5 stars instructor rating, the bundle includes step-by-step lessons that have been carefully curated so you can follow along easily.

The popular bundle also has a little bit of everything. If you're starting your journey, you can begin with the basics with Raspberry Pi for Beginners or ROS2 for Beginners, both comprehensive courses that guide you through the fundamentals you need to progress in your training. You'll then move your way up to more complex lessons and build on your knowledge to create projects with what you learn — eventually even building programs from scratch and impressing friends and family. With access to every lesson available 24/7, you can move at your own pace and review concepts whenever needed.

You'll dive deep into learning how to create online simulations, exploring how to make your code easier to read, how to use Python in your coding, and the list goes on. Most importantly, you'll be provided with plenty of hands-on activities and exercises, allowing an extensive amount of practice after learning each concept.

Regularly priced at $1,800, The 2022 Complete Raspberry Pi and Arduino Developer Bundle is on sale for $20 for the New Year, New You sale with no code needed — that's just $2.22 per course. Take on a new career or hobby and start the new year with a bang with this complete master bundle.

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