Housecall Pro brings home service pros into the tech age

Housecall Pro brings home service pros into the tech age
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Thriving local businesses are the beating heart of any area’s thriving economy. With Housecall Pro, home service companies can grow their business by turning to technology to streamline customer relations, invoicing, scheduling and more.

And if you doubt the impact that small mom-and-pop landscapers, contractors, house cleaners and other home improvement businesses have on a city or region’s fortunes, you haven’t been paying attention.

More than 37 percent of Americans said they made it a priority to shop locally, particularly in the wake of the COVID pandemic. A robust 72 percent even said supporting small businesses was more important than getting the best deal.

And when you consider that $48 of every $100 spent with a small business stays in that community, especially as opposed to the $14 that remains from a purchase with a national chain, the impact of supporting local entrepreneurs and service professionals is clear.

However, that loyalty to small businesses can break down when those operations can’t keep up with the demands of their customers. That’s a particular problem for plumbers, electricians and other service pros who often don’t have the tech infrastructure or savvy to maintain interactive websites, communicate with customers and take full advantage of the web and modern services like big companies do.

Housecall Pro helps level that playing field, offering a streamlined, one-stop destination for home service companies and their customers to make communication easier, information flow more smoothly and jobs and transactions happen faster with better overall satisfaction for all.

This field service management system features a full assortment of forward-facing and back-end services that allow an HVAC expert, solar installer or other small business owners to keep tabs on all their customers, employees, and jobs in one place.

Customers can use the company’s Housecall Pro interface to book appointments 24/7/365. They’ll get text alerts when workers are on the way, as well as status updates during work and when the job is done. They can even pay for the job immediately with instant credit card or bank payments.

As for businesses, they use Housecall Pro to track their jobs, keep an eye on their staff and the status of each project, all at a glance. Notes on each job are centralized through Housecall Pro, automatically accessible to all workers in real-time so everyone is always on the same page. They can even keep track of exactly where each of their employees is located through live GPS mapping.

Housecall Pro is also a wonder on the administrative side, allowing businesses to schedule employees and handle invoicing and resources in minutes. Marketing even falls under the Housecall Pro umbrella, automatically soliciting reviews from customers to bolster your profiles on sites like Yelp. Users can reach out to customers weeks and months later with updates, service offers, and other contacts to maintain those important business relationships.

And the entire process of launching Housecall Pro is hugely intuitive, without the steep learning curve of other business systems and tech services. Currently, over 20,000 businesses are using the Housecall Pro platform — and many are raving about the experience.

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