Obtain personalized health insights from home with this DNA kit bundle

Obtain personalized health ins...
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Health care should have options. Go beyond your 23 chromosomes and unlock a holistic set of accurate health recommendations with The Complete SelfDecode DNA Test Kit + 1 Yr Subscription Bundle.

Our health should be at the top of our priority list, but not every care method caters to everyone. Miami-based SelfDecode provides personalized health recommendations based on your DNA, labs, and environmental factors and revolutionizes the way we view our health care options.

Boasting an impressive 4.8 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot, SelfDecode uses science to help you make choices based on your genes. Named the only company using AI in genomics, the process starts with an easy-to-use at-home test kit that is activated by using a saliva sample. Simply mail in the sample to one of their CLIA-certified labs with its included pre-paid shipping label and get ready to get millions of genetic variants analyzed.

You'll receive health-focused genetic predisposition scores with 99.7% accuracy, and your DNA results will always be 100% protected and never shared. The reports include targeted recommendations on diet, lifestyle changes, and supplements to improve your health and help tackle digestive issues, mood swings, weight management, blood pressure, etc.

SelfDecode DNA Kit & Personalized Health Reports

Once the results are uncovered, you'll build upon a customized regimen through SelfDecode's streamlined dashboard. A dedicated staff of passionate geneticists, doctors, pharmacists, biologists, and specialists help track your progress as you go. Your information is updated regularly, bringing new health reports, traits, and recommendations at your fingertips with the included 1-year subscription.

While The Complete SelfDecode DNA Test Kit + 1 Yr Subscription Bundle is regularly priced at $196, it is now on sale for only $89 at 54% off. You'll also receive either three tech-themed mystery items (valued at $59.99) or five gamer-themed mystery items (valued at $99.99) to add to your collection for our April Fools' Day promotion.

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