Eliminate 99% of bacteria while you sleep with this self-cleaning set

Eliminate 99% of bacteria whil...
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If you have sensitive skin, you know the headache of finding the right products and materials that won't irritate your skin. Your bed sheets shouldn't be the exception.

Cue in the Core Copper 4-Piece Sheet Set, self-cleaning luxury linens that will bring you night after night of restful sleep while keeping you healthy and germ-free. While we may often think of our beds as our peaceful haven, reports suggest that our regular sheets have more bacteria within two weeks than a cat's litter box.

Powered by pure copper, an element that continuously reduces bacterial contamination, the Core Copper sheets will make sure to ward off 99% of bacteria, fungi, and mold that can be irritating to sensitive skin. Reviews rave on experiencing more radiant and clearer skin, as well as reducing acne after sleeping in the linens.

Complete with a mixture of 600TC Bamboo Lyocell and percale weave, the copper-infused linens are not just antibacterial – they’re also luxuriously silky smooth, and durable. With anti-odor and moisture-wicking features, your sheets will be clean and fresh time after time. And, with a breathable construction that is also thermoregulating, the sheets will adapt to warm or cold temperatures and let you sleep soundly no matter your preferred sleeping environment.

Copper Linens: Self Cleaning Luxury Sheets

Not to mention, you'll have the luxury of having fewer laundry days. Long gone are the days of having to continually wash linens to get rid of odors and bacteria. With the sheets cleaning themselves, you'll spend less time, money, and electricity on washing and leave less of a carbon footprint. It's a win-win!

The soft and antimicrobial set comes complete with a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, and two pillowcases in a versatile grey color. Purchase a Core Copper 4-Piece Sheet Set: Self Cleaning Luxury Bedding today, for a limited time only, at up to 69% off.

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