The gap between CPAs & financial advisors is disappearing

The gap between CPAs & financial advisors is disappearing
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CPAs, more casually known as accountants, are often thought of as math experts who can help with your taxes, a company’s books, etc. Today, software does a lot of that work, which has freed accountants to be more strategic. This might have something to do with why their salaries are going through the roof.

In a time when a lot of seasoned accountants are trying to fight against the inevitable and already-massive world of automation, those who are surviving are embracing the times. By working with effective ERP solutions like NetSuite, CPAs can maximize their value with strategies covered in this white paper — The CPA of the Future Is a Strategic Advisor, which is available to download in full.

The paper covers how the entire industry is changing, beginning with shifts on the actual CPA Exam. With the most recent changes coming this past July, the exam is focusing more and more on technology. Featured in the white paper, there’s a fantastic interview with CPA and senior technical manager of test development at the AICPA Jenn Bukowski.

The white paper goes on to cover different skills that CPAs will need to focus on honing going into the future, and how those changes are similar to evolutions happening with CFOs. The paper also covers how to become more insight-focused through creating effective systems to interpret and benefit from the increased data that’s available with today's technologies. Download The CPA of the Future Is a Strategic Advisor to learn more.

For the area of strategic thinking, readers who download the white paper can learn how CPAs are being called on to provide clients with a range of solutions and opportunities because that’s what’s available with modern data. Diving into approaching those numbers in an insightful and helpful way, the paper talks about using data analytics for new-age practices like continuous monitoring, auditing, and collecting massive data samples. It also covers how doing this is dependent on an accountant’s ability to work with technology like a cloud-based ERP solution that can support faster workflow, better correspondence, and higher level data management.

To learn how The CPA of the Future is a Strategic Advisor, download the full white paper.