This Cyber Monday app bundle will make remote work easier than ever

This Cyber Monday app bundle will make remote work easier than ever
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Global Workplace Analytics predicts that 25–30% of the U.S. workforce will continue to work from home one or more days a week. To stay productive, it’s vital that the home office is properly equipped. That’s where The Premium Limited Edition Windows Bundle comes into play.

While it’s been proven that organizations can still run effectively without their employees physically coming into the office every day, there is still the matter of trust. Can employers trust that those they hired will do the job as effectively out of view, as opposed to being managed while close at hand? There is little doubt that with the right tools, they can.

For Cyber Monday, we are offering this Premium Limited Edition Bundle in a Windows version and a Mac version for just $59.99 while supplies last. They're both packed with productivity helpers valued around the $1,500 mark. This bundle offers a lifetime subscription to six different programs, specifically Microsoft Office 2021, Ivacy VPN, VideoCom Pro, XSplit VCam, SplashID Pro, and Mail Backup X.

Microsoft Office

MS Office on its own is worth the money. It features Microsoft’s most widely used programs including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook, and more. Add in software that will protect your privacy online while allowing access to sites normally blocked to you, as well as one that will manage your passwords and further safeguard your online presence, and you’ve automatically upped the ante.

xSplit VCam and VideoCom Pro

With video conferencing and virtual presentations becoming more commonplace, programs such as xSplit VCam and VideoCom Pro can help. The former will remove your background from your Zoom meeting (who really wants to see what’s happening behind you?), while the latter will help you create and share screen captures or high-quality video presentations with ease.

Ivacy VPN

Being online is unavoidable, so having a way to avoid as many of the risks as possible is key. Good thing this bundle includes Ivacy VPN, which offers world-class privacy and protection measures for whatever you're doing when you're inevitably online. It does that without slowing down your connection—it was named winner of the 2019 Fastest VPN Award.

Mail Backup X

Round it all out with a mail backup and archiving system so you never have to worry about losing (or hunting down) that all-important message.

So if there was any doubt before whether you could work proficiently at home, this bundle ought to resolve any qualms. Security—check! Connectivity with teammates—check! Great visual representation—check! With the right equipment, perhaps including a desktop computer or laptop, a second monitor, and a flash drive or two, you’ll be up and running and raring to go.

So whether you are actually one of the lucky ones who don’t have to make the daily commute, or you’re a student trying to keep on top of your essays, your research, your team projects, or even if you just happen to love being on the computer, staying connected with family and friends, this bundle is a great addition to your software arsenal. Windows or Mac—your choice at the Cyber Monday price of $59.99 through November 30, no coupon needed!

Prices subject to change