Become wiser and more productive in just minute a day with Deepstash

Become wiser and more productive in just minute a day with Deepstash
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The OED defines “idea” as a “conception or notion of something to be done or carried out.” Those “ideas,” however, are often fleeting, and thus never take shape. Deepstash not only helps spark new ideas but stores and organizes them for later use.

The concept is simple. Deepstash has acknowledged both the importance of time and learning, and created an app that allows you to take just minutes out of your day to make yourself just that much smarter, more inspired, wiser, and more productive. It encourages you to grow a “stash” or “collection” of ideas by exploring a variety of topics, including self-improvement, time management, communication, health, money, and more and building your knowledge base to help improve either your personal or business life—or both. You can focus on what truly interests you, or uncover topics that you think you may want to know more about. From there you can create your own online library of facts, tips, skills, quotes, insights, and key ideas that have relevance to you. All the information found on the app (including articles, book summaries, random facts, quotes, stories, insights, and key ideas) has been curated—meaning it has been professionally or expertly selected, organized, and presented —and can be shared amongst your friends in any manner you wish.

One satisfied customer says it best. “This app allows users to read easily digestible articles that can truly improve their life. Not only does it offer some great advice and insights, but it makes me feel better about who I am … [It] brings me back to reality and into a mentality that helps me progress into a well-rounded individual.”

Highly-rated on Google Play, Apple Store, and Product Hunt, lifetime access to the Deepstash Pro Plan gives you access to over 200,000 ideas, allowing you to save as many “ideas” as you want, plus offers personalized recommendations. Regularly valued at $3,000, it’s available now for only $149.00.

Prices subject to change