Save big on your holiday travels with a subscription to Dollar Flight Club

Save big on your holiday travels with a subscription to Dollar Flight Club
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TL;DR: Save big on your next flights with a Premium or Premium Plus subscription to the top-rated flight deal alert service, Dollar Flight Club.

Going somewhere over the holidays? You should know by now that you don't always have to pay full price for flights — especially if you have access to Dollar Flight Club.

There's a myriad of ways to save money on airfare, but most of them take so much time and effort, which you may not always have the luxury of having an excess of. If you want to score a bargain on your subsequent flights, Dollar Flight Club has got you covered. It scours the entirety of the internet to find deals on your behalf and then delivers them on a silver platter straight to your email. Just in time for your holiday travels, you can score a massive discount on lifetime subscriptions to the service. Pay only $39.97 (reg. $690) for the Premium plan that finds you economy class deals or $79.97 (reg. $1690) for the Premium Plus plan that hunts for deals on every cabin class, including premium economy and business.

Trusted by over a million members across the globe, this flight deal alert service makes your travel bucket list much more achievable — and affordable. Whether you plan on exploring the shores of Phuket, gallivanting in the streets of Zurich, or simply wish to save more money on your next visit to your hometown, Dollar Flight Club helps you score a ticket that fits your budget. Over the years, it has helped its members and their families save as much as $2000 on their domestic and international adventures.

A lifetime premium subscription (plus or otherwise) to the service means you get unlimited access to the best flight deals available on the web, whether they're discount fares or mistake fares. You can select up to four departure airports you want to get deals from, and you'll get instant email alerts on discounted flights flying out of them, allowing you to book your next vacation whenever, using your phone, tablet, or computer.

Apart from flight deals, Dollar Flight Club members can also enjoy perks and discounts of up to 50% from its partner brands, including Babbel, Acanela Expeditions, and Huckberry. Expect expert-led travel tips to land in your inbox, too, so you can travel smarter every time you fly. Premium Plus members even get a sweet bonus: a 20% discount on Mobile Passport Plus.

Dollar Flight Club eases the financial burden often associated with traveling. From now until October 31, 11:59 PM PT, you can get a lifetime Premium subscription for $39.97 or Premium Plus for $79.97.

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