For just $110, you can buy one dual angle drone and get one free

For just $110, you can buy one dual angle drone and get one free
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Now you don’t have to be a professional photographer to produce some of those awe-inspiring shots. With the advent of unmanned aerial vehicles, you can now capture images with jaw-dropping results. So let us introduce you to not one, but two HD-quality drones.

Since 2010, when drones became a part of our aerial landscape, drones have been used for a wide variety of reasons. As technology continues to develop, drones have taken on increasingly complex tasks. From delivering parcels to building and repairing structures, they have literally been taken to new heights. And while these drones don’t do either of those things, they will take unbelievably beautiful images.

Whether taking pictures is part of your business or simply a hobby, with these two wide-angle dual-camera drones you’ll develop a whole new appreciation of the art. No more climbing up trees, getting on top of roofs or hopping into airplanes to get those views you can’t get anywhere else. They are the perfect piece of apparatus for taking those overhead real estate shots, capturing the ambiance of a wedding, or getting access to landscape shots that were seemingly impossible to get before.

Ninja Dragon Alpha Z PRO Camera Drone

Sleek and sophisticated, both the Alpha Z PRO Ultra HD Dual Camera Drone and the Flying Fox 4K Wide Angle Dual Camera Drone feature a 4K front camera, a 720P bottom camera, and a one-key automatic return. Furthermore, they both offer four channels allowing the drones to ascend, descend, fly forward, backward, left, and right, plus perform a rolling 360, together with a headless mode and so much more.

Two great drones. One great price. Keep one for yourself and give one to a friend (Christmas is coming, after all). Or divide the cost between you and someone else. However you slice it, it’s a deal not to be missed. For only $110 you will receive both of these drones — that’s a 62% discount off the suggested retail price.

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