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Working with two screens can save you precious resources, like time and money. If you have two monitors at your place of work, but can't access them for the time being, then your productivity may be stunted. Rather than pick up a desktop monitor that takes up a lot of space, it's better to get a more versatile tech solution that lets you work productively anywhere. The Mobile Pixels DUEX Pro Portable Dual Monitor gives your laptop a second screen, and it's available for $179.35 with discount code SAVEDUEXPRO at checkout. That's a nice savings off its regular price of $249.99.

This ultra-portable laptop accessory is the perfect solution for enhancing productivity today and in the future (think coffee shops, business trips etc.) First off, this accessory is compatible with practically every laptop, and it's incredibly convenient to use. Just attach it to the back of your laptop, slide the second screen in on either side of the computer, and connect the two with the included USB cable.

In just a few moments, you're working with two screens. A second screen will improve your ability to multitask, boosting productivity while empowering you to complete tasks efficiently wherever and whenever you choose to work.

On top of that, the DUEX Pro makes working on the go effortless. Thanks to its 1080p screen, you can enjoy sharp, bright graphics on both your displays, making it simple to bounce back and forth between them. Plus, you can rotate the screen 270 degrees. This flexibility allows you to adjust to any environment and seating situation so that you always work comfortably and efficiently.

Besides enhancing your productivity, this second screen also makes it seamless to lead meetings and present data with a built-in 180-degree presentation mode. Instead of looking blankly at the back of your laptop, clients, prospective partners, or team members can view the second screen. This helpful feature is perfect for keeping others engaged while guiding them through any meeting.

The Mobile Pixels DUEX Pro Portable Dual Monitor gives you a second screen for your laptop so that you can work productively anywhere. Get it on sale today for $179.35 with the discount code SAVEDUEXPRO at checkout.

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