This invention provides heat and creates power off-grid

This invention provides heat and creates power off-grid
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Among its many delights, the Internet of Things isn’t solely about entertainment and convenience. Sure, it induces a smile every time you can call up Taylor Swift’s latest and play it in your kitchen. And it’s undoubtedly time-saving that you can issue voice commands to your smart speaker to adjust your WiFi-enabled thermostat if the house is getting a bit too warm or too cold.

But when you can turn on and turn off the heat or AC when you’re nowhere near your home through the power of your smartphone ... Well, now that convenience comes with some financial savings as well.

Of course, not all smart devices need to be connected to the web. Now, a smart device can even be an appliance with control over other house systems, keeping a close eye on your resources, redistributing and conserving as needed so you don’t waste energy or money.

Smart is also the label you’d apply to companies investing deep in such devices, like the forward-thing tech innovators at Enginuity Power Systems. The company's new creation, the E|ONE, is one of those smart tech game-changers. It’s an all-in-one home appliance that does it all, with a vision of one day heating, distributing power, and even creating its own electricity right inside your own home, eliminating its reliance on the inefficient, fossil fuel dependent electrical grid.

Sitting in a footprint no bigger than a standard home furnace or hot water heater, the E|ONE actually does both, while also generating enough power to provide a house’s energy needs or serving as a backup generator in instances where the local power grid goes offline.

At the center of the E|ONE is its 4-stroke inwardly-opposed piston engine. Powered by natural gas, this beating heart is the world’s first production-ready engine of its type, with more than 30 issued and pending patents. The engine both creates energy and generates heat, which are both redirected to service a home’s heating and power needs.

Rather than paying the high costs of a local utility, the E|ONE can be used as both a home’s main power source as well as a backup generator, while the heat created is used to warm up the house, its water, and more. Meanwhile, that’s all accomplished while using less fuel thanks to the unit’s liquid cooling capabilities.

It not only drives down the cost of a home’s power, but it also does it while producing far fewer emissions than the power plant. It can work in tandem with solar energy for even cleaner power creation and distribution.

After landing three major awards at the 2020 National Association of Home Builders show, Enginuity has now opened a new round of investment funding for the company. On the back of the E|ONE’s colossal potential, the device has already helped Enginuity close a pair of contracts with the U.S. Department of Defense to the tune of $4 million. They also have a pipeline of future government contracts that, if confirmed, will add up to $12 million.

Now, savvy investors with the vision to grasp the impact of in-home heating and power generation can check out Enginuity’s current Start Engine campaign and invest in the company's groundbreaking technology. In the current round, investment opportunities are available beginning at just $580.