Fast Mag wirelessly charges your phone in as little as half an hour

Fast Mag wirelessly charges your phone in as little as half an hour
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Running out of battery on your phone these days can be likened to not having a quarter for the phone booth back in the days of yore. The phone is at hand, but without the “charge” to make it work, no calls can be made.

While telephone booths are quickly becoming relics of the past (although new and clever uses are being developed for them—Telekom Austria is repurposing them, and in 2010 began its initiative to convert the booths into electric vehicle charging stations) our mobile devices are ever more a part of our lives. To be without one now is almost absurd. We are expected to always be connected and no excuse flies. That’s why you need to ensure that your phone is always charged and ready to go.

And when the juice does run low, and the panic starts to set in, you can alleviate all that low battery stress in as little as 30 minutes with this Fast Mag phone charger. Yes, in just a half-hour you can revive your phone from its dead state to running at 100% capacity. The built-in magnet and metal plate allows you to securely attach your phone to prevent it from sliding off, while its wireless capabilities gives you the freedom to charge your phone anywhere, anytime — no cables or adapters required.

This power bank can wirelessly charge most Qi-compatible devices (including iPhone 8 and up, some Android phones, and some wireless earbud cases), however, only MagSafe devices such as the iPhone 12 and newer can attach magnetically.

So if you’re looking for a sleek and stylish charger that’s going to get the job done fast, this Fast Mag is for you. Normally valued at $120, we are offering it now for only $48.99 — a 60% discount off the suggested retail price.

Prices subject to change.