These mahogany bike hooks complement any decor and are on sale for $48

These mahogany bike hooks comp...
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Although riding a bike is a great way to lower your carbon footprint and improve your health, bicycles can be a storage issue at home. Fenwick Bike Sticks bring forth a space-saving solution that will also complement any existing decor.

Handcrafted in Philadelphia by Loma Living, a minimalist home goods company that showcases smart storage solutions, the Fenwick Bike Sticks go with practically any interior aesthetic. Made to last for years, they will hold up your prized bike horizontally or vertically, no matter the size. With the flexibility to position the bike sticks wherever you like, you can truly make the most of the space you have. Created with striking solid mahogany and steel that is topped with a clear coat finish, you'll be able to keep the bike sticks in excellent condition, even with constant use.

Best yet, the installation process is easy peasy. Simply drill a 5/16" pilot hole into the wall (making sure to mark and measure your desired distance), hand turn the sticks into the holes, and mount them into a wood wall stud. That's it. With an embedded industrial screw included, you can rest assured that your installation is secure and safe. Don't just store your bike—show it off as a work of art.

Typically priced at over $50 for a set of two, for a limited time, you can shop the simple yet striking Fenwick Bike Sticks for only $48. Save space in your home or office and beautifully display your bike with this modern solution.

Prices subject to change.

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