Geologie is skincare for the ones who usually don't care about skincare

Geologie is skincare for the ones who usually don't care about skincare
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Every year, a handful of new devices hope to show that tech and skincare belong together. But, of course, an easy-to-use yet effective skincare regimen is really the ideal way to step up your face game. For a lot of people, that's where Geologie can step in and save the day.

Geologie goes right to the heart of what matters. It creates a customized facial skincare regimen formulated to address a person’s very unique and specific skincare goals and concerns.

It accomplishes that feat by taking most of the guesswork out of skincare. First, using its award-winning mix of clinically proven ingredients, Geologie puts users through a quick diagnostic quiz designed to identify problem areas like breakouts, dry or oily skin, discolorations, and even wrinkles. Then, armed with that knowledge, Geologie assembles a four-product daily collection crafted to address those problems and leave your face looking its absolute best.

All it takes is four steps — accomplished in just four minutes a day — to revitalize some of the youth and vitality skin can lose over time. Two minutes in the morning, followed by two minutes before bed each night, is all it takes to help bring on the change.

Among more than 5,700 reviews on its website, fans like Samuel say he saw results quickly. "Honestly, I am extremely surprised at the level of difference in my skin. Not just from my own experience, but from others commenting how it looks a lot better," Samuel said. "I have had bad acne, scarring on my face, and dry skin for as long as I can remember. I've been told a few times I am looking a lot healthier and more radiant."

Geologie user Christine was ecstatic: “As a woman trying every product never finding one that works specifically for dark circles well I have finally found my go to! The results just after a couple of days were dramatic: no more dark circles and my skin is silky and smooth wrinkles are far less noticeable! This product is great even for women - highly recommended!”

To see that kind of result for yourself, head to the Geologie website, take the quiz, then order your trial set of customized skincare products for as low as $20. In addition, first-time customers ordering their initial 30-day supply are also eligible for savings of up to 40% off their first order.

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