This $40 art-therapy app could help you decompress

This $40 art-therapy app could help you decompress
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TL;DR: Save 73% on this meditative art-therapy app that helps you use art to reflect on your days, express emotions, journal, and so much more.

If your favorite way to unwind is scrolling — or doomscrolling — on your phone, it’s time to break the cycle with a healthier habit. Groodles is an app that helps you journal, express emotions, work through feelings, and more with art-based exercises.

It’s actually the world’s first self-guided art-therapy app that could help you de-stress and engage your brain in a new, creative way. Plus, a Groodles Unlimited lifetime subscription is only $39.99 here, normally $149.99.

More specifically, Groodles gives you tons of exercises to work through. These range from daily morning habits to start the day with an optimistic attitude, bedtime exercises that help you reflect on your day, and series that focus on body positivity, anxiety, love, and so much more.

Unlike other apps that offer similar guided prompts that you respond to with text, Groodles lets you express yourself with art! And, don’t worry, you don’t need to have any artistic abilities, since there are hundreds of pre-created art pieces that you can customize on a user-friendly digital canvas. Many users like to add short pieces of text to their projects or integrate art pieces into traditional journal entries. The beauty of Groodles is that you can create whatever you want!

To enhance the experience even more, there is also audio with each exercise that provides guidance and narrations. This is great for those who could use some added zen and relaxation in their days, tuning out the outside world and reflecting on your day, emotions, or life goals with Groodles.

Drop the doomscrolling and pick up Groodles’ meditative art-therapy app for just $39.99 (reg. $149.99) for lifetime access.

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