Read more books in less time with this top-rated app

Read more books in less time with this top-rated app
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The world's best minds make reading a habit, but not everyone has the luxury of time to bury their heads into a book. Luckily, Headway Premium helps you read more titles in less time.

Bill Gates claims to read at least one book a week, while Warren Buffet reportedly devotes a huge chunk of his day to poring over text. And say what you want about Elon Musk, but the man owes his success to the books that he reads. There's no question that reading stimulates your mind and expands your knowledge base, but if you can't find the time to turn page after page, Headway condenses the best reads into micro books for quick and easy consumption. You can grab a lifetime subscription to the app at its best web pricing for a limited time.

Headway is developed to deliver bite-sized, personalized learning to help you achieve your goals. Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars on the App Store and 4.4 out of 5 stars on the Google Play Store, it summarizes nonfiction bestsellers into 15-minute reads. Whatever your goal is, whether it's sharpening your leadership skills or enhancing your productivity, Headway provides you with a collection of reads that empowers you to crush them. Every piece of content delivered is in accordance with your needs, offering the most personalized reading list you'll come across.

Make no mistake. Headway is not merely a watered-down Kindle. It also comes packed with thousands of actionable insights and tips you'll find valuable, along with a gamified platform developed to motivate you even further. With continued use, you'll eventually find that learning isn't so bad after all.

Join the over 12 million users enjoying bite-sized self-growth with a lifetime subscription to Headway. It normally retails for $299, but for a limited time, you can score it at its best web pricing available — only $51.42.

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