Keep your furry friend warm while outside with this heated dog vest

Keep your furry friend warm wh...
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Our pets are a part of our family, accompanying us on long walks, hikes, and fun park adventures. But, when the temperatures start dropping, our smaller pups' bodies may not be equipped to handle the cold.

Protect your canine companions from drastic drops in the weather with the 5V Rechargeable Waterproof Heated Dog Vest, an innovative product that keeps our furry friends warm while outside. With the touch of a power button, they'll enjoy three different heat zones — low, medium, or high — that will last up to six hours at a time, keeping your pup cozy no matter the weather conditions outside. And with a waterproof construction, the vest will stay protected whenever snow or rain is in the forecast.

Stay Warm Apparel Heated Dog Vest!

With a powerful 5-Volt 5,000 mAh battery, your 4-legged friend will have plenty of heat to last through outdoor activities. The heating temperatures range from a low of 100ºF to a high of 120ºF, and the slim rechargeable battery can even power up your cell phone, thanks to an included USB port that comes attached. Once it's time to recharge the battery, plug it into its included charger, wait a few hours, and have it up and running for your next snowy slope adventure.

Boasting a length of 16" and a circumference of 22"- 26", the heated dog vest fits perfectly on small dog breeds such as terriers, pugs, dachshunds, and more. Other features include a soft cotton and nylon construction, reflectors for safety usage while out at night, and pockets to store poop bags, treats, and more.

Regularly priced at $119, you can enjoy 73% off the 5V Rechargeable Waterproof Heated Dog Vest and purchase it today for only $31.95. It's an excellent gadget to have handy, so your furry family member can enjoy the outdoors with you during the colder winter months.

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