Monocular telescope is 14% off so you can participate from a safe distance

Monocular telescope is 14% off so you can participate from a safe distance
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Say what you want, but the year 2020 has been a lot of things: the turn of a decade (we think), an unconventional election year, and a time where friends and family need each other the most. One thing it hasn't been, however, is the year to get up close and personal. Social distancing and staying 6 feet apart has caused us to miss the big game, sit out of graduations, and get cut from wedding guest lists. You name the occasion, it was probably postponed for social distancing purposes. We have found that, while being ingrained in the action is always the ideal scenario, there is still an amazing way to see the best moments of life, and that's through a lens.

Cut from a guest list? Fell short of being picked as a ticket holder in a limited capacity stadium? Need to see what your neighbors are grilling without making contact? The High Definition Monocular Telescope is your new best friend. This baby boasts 50 x 60 magnification whenever you might need a peek at the small stuff. With other telescopes, that type of magnification might cause some pixelation or blurred vision. This bad boy? Picture perfect quality at all times. And, if you need to snap a pic, this 'scope clips right on to your smartphone so you can record life's most precious memories or, you know, how long Doug from next door flames his always delicious strip steak.

The High Definition Monocular Telescope is usually offered at a price of $54, but you can get it here, with an aluminum tripod and universal spring clip included, for 14% off at $46.95. That's a minimal price to pay to be at your great aunt Sharon's retirement party without the worry that Grandma Deb is coming for you with a wet forehead kiss.

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