Work out at home easier with a subscription to Live Streaming Fitness

Work out at home easier with a...
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News reports indicate that individuals across the country and around the world will remain socially isolated at home for the upcoming weeks in an attempt to slow the spread of COVID-19. That means places where you have worked out recently, such as the gym or a local park, are off-limits for the foreseeable future. If you want to keep your gains or make progress with your physical fitness, then now's the time to set yourself up for success at home. A lifetime subscription to Live Streaming Fitness gives you access to hundreds of workouts you can do right from your living room, and it's on sale for just $79. That's 84% off the normal price of $499.

Live Streaming Fitness makes it easier to achieve your fitness goals at home. For starters, you'll enjoy 24/7 access to live-streaming and on-demand fitness classes, including yoga, cardio, strength training, and specialized programs. These specialized programs range from pilates to boot camps and some even target specific needs, like a Desk Relief class that's perfect for those who sit a lot throughout the day. So, it's incredibly convenient to find a class that works with your at-home schedule, as well as focuses on the different aspects of your fitness that can lead to improved health. Plus, you can be confident that the hard work you put in with these classes will pay off since you're working out with some of the fitness industry's best trainers.

Live Streaming Fitness, which has been featured on CNBC, Good Morning America, and USA Today, also gives you access to diet and nutrition resources at home. It's quick and easy to get helpful advice on food, meal plans, and weight loss through the certified nutritionists available via the Life Streaming Fitness platform. Even cooler, you can learn how to make healthy meals by watching cooking shows and trying out new recipes. That means you can improve both your physical fitness and learn how to nourish your body all with one subscription. Last but not least, you'll get to connect and thrive with a large digital community during and after this time of isolation since everything is online.

A lifetime subscription to Live Streaming Fitness helps you achieve your fitness goals at home. Get one today for just $79.