Upgrade your home office with HP 24" All-in-One Desktop For $499.99

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COVID-19 continues to spread around the world. As governments begin to escalate measures to slow down the spread of the virus, you may find yourself working from home regularly over the upcoming weeks, if not months. As such, it may be time to upgrade your work-from-home setup, so you can do everything you want to — stay in contact with loved ones, check-in on the news, and more — without missing out on any work. The HP 24" All-in-One Touchscreen Desktop AMD Ryzen 3 1TB - Silver (Certified Refurbished) gives you unmatched computer performance, and it's on sale today for $499.99. That's 28% off the normal price of $699.99.

This powerful computer delivers top-notch performance. For starters, it runs on a speedy AMD Ryzen 3 processor, Radeon integrated graphics, and 8GB of RAM. Meaning, you get everything you need to seamlessly browse the latest news online, stream video chats with family, friends, or colleagues, and play high-spec games smoothy. Even better, thanks to a 1TB hard drive, you can install all your essential apps and store your photos, videos, documents, and other files without stressing over storage requirements. And, with a built-in WiFi/Bluetooth connection, you can share your files and surf the internet wherever you want.

The desktop's most distinguishing feature, though, is its large screen and compact design. A huge 23.8-inch FHD touchscreen display gives you an immersive viewing experience, which is perfect for everyday work as well as entertainment experiences like streaming movies and playing video games. Plus, thanks to its all-in-one (AIO) design, this sleek desktop saves you a lot of space for stress-free computer operation. And in case you were wondering, this desktop comes with a "Certified Refurbished" label from HP because it has been tested and certified to look and work like brand new.

The HP 24" All-in-One Touchscreen Desktop AMD Ryzen 3 1TB - Silver (Certified Refurbished) is a powerful AIO desktop to meet all of your work-from-home computing needs. Get it while it's available for just $499.99, and be sure to use the code SPRINGSAVE15 (expires 03/24) for an additional 15% off at checkout.