This translation tool stores, reads, records, and shares 104 languages

This translation tool stores, ...
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While business rolls on in 2021, international dealings are more frequent than ever, and translating what your client from halfway across the world just sped through is impossible. Luckily, this handheld gadget can be a tremendous help.

Using the Langogo Summit Multi-Functional Language Translator and Voice Transcriber Recorder is easy and effortless. Powered by 24 world-leading translation engines, you have access to 104 languages from all around the world. The four omnidirectional microphones and AGC algorithm can record up to four hours of speech with an instant translation transcription to follow.

If you connect this handy gadget to Bluetooth, you'll receive accurate translations straight to your ears or to colleagues during meetings, outings, or even those all-so-important moments like asking where the bathroom is located while you're traveling abroad. Still stumped with things like menus and maps? With the Langogo Summit, it's no sweat. The recorder has a built-in 8 megapixel camera and OCR recognition technology to translate written word within seconds and will play out loud to anyone who needs clarification.

Langogo Summit(ランゴーゴー・サミット)-104言語の即時翻訳!高精度の文字起こしもできる大画面ハイエンドAIボイスレコーダー

Just like you, the Langogo Summit is consistently learning. Slang can change overnight, so the Langogo's self-learning algorithm continuously updates to be ready for when a trendy new phrase makes its way into the fold. The best part about this mini Rosetta Stone is its note to cloud function, which allows you to see the same translation from your Langogo on any screen.

Whether you're planning your long-awaited getaway or doing business with clients internationally, being able to speak the same language will make your experience easier and a lot more enjoyable. Get the Langogo Summit Multi-Functional Language Translator and Voice Transcriber Recorder for $249.99 (Reg. $399).

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