Access thousands of exclusive documentaries for a year for just $36

Access thousands of exclusive documentaries for a year for just $36
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Are you documentary-obsessed? This niche streaming platform may be for you. Get access to over 3,000 documentary movies and series from leading filmmakers worldwide with a 1-year subscription to the MagellanTV Documentary Streaming Service.

Those of us who are certified documentary enthusiasts crave content that only quality interviews, exclusive footage, and historically accurate films from the experts can give us. And, there are only so many of those selections on leading streaming platforms like Netflix or Hulu. The MagellanTV Documentary Streaming Service is the best way to feed your interest in ancient history, science, nature, crime, space, cultures worldwide, and so much more in high-quality 4K resolution.

Priding itself in offering a more profound and broader collection than just about any other streaming service, MagellanTV provides you with curated content from all over the world. The ad-free service (yes, no pesky interruptions or 3rd party advertising) includes new titles on the weekly, giving you plenty of exclusive playlists that cover a wide array of topics. From Apollo's New Moon to The Real Sherlock Holmes, you'll be able to watch from your phone or iPad or cast the episodes onto your smart TV or Roku and on up to five devices. With an immense genre collection available at your fingertips, engaging on-demand documentary watching is easier than ever.

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The service is also quickly raking up top reviews. Magellan TV Member Aiya writes: "[I] canceled Netflix because there's too much unwatchable dross. Magellan is much more to my taste with a vast array of entertaining and informative content."

While the MagellanTV Documentary Streaming Service: 1-Year Subscription regularly costs $59, it's currently 39% off for a limited time, selling at just $35.99. Take advantage of this low-cost opportunity and catch up on all the latest award-winning documentaries from around the globe.

Prices subject to change.