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With so much economic uncertainty at the moment, it's a smart idea to invest in data-driven tools and services that help you plan for the future, as well as save you time and money. If you typically invest in real estate property — and agree with Home Buying Institute's report that home prices in some U.S. cities, especially the pricey ones, might drop in 2020 — then now is a good time to enhance your search. A lifetime subscription to the Mashvisor Professional Plan lets you easily find investment properties, and it's on sale for just $79.99. That's nearly $20 off its normal price of $99.

Mashvisor is your one-stop site to find lucrative traditional or Airbnb properties in a matter of minutes. Just type in any city of interest into the website's database, which contains over 450,000 properties, and you'll immediately get an overview of investment opportunities in each city area. What's more, you can use interactive filters to narrow your search quickly and highlight the filtered results on an interactive map to visualize your findings. Even better, searches give you a summary of key calculations for neighborhoods. This lets you make smarter and quicker decisions based on all available data, which are pulled from reliable sources and algorithm-based projections.

Real Estate Investors: Searching for Investment Properties

In other words, Mashvisor lets you finally say goodbye to spreadsheets and searches that leave you exhausted. Using the vast real estate data and analytics available through Mashvisor, you can turn three months of research into 15 minutes of work. This convenience will accelerate your normal search process, so you can quickly discover what kind of returns a property will provide, as well as gain a clearer understanding of how to outperform competitors in the Airbnb rental market.

A lifetime subscription to the Mashvisor Professional Plan is a great way to enhance your investment property search while saving time and money. Get your lifetime subscription today for just $79.99.