Grab two powerful pocket-sized flashlights for only $33

Grab two powerful pocket-sized flashlights for only $33
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TL;DR: This pocket flashlight is 30 times more powerful than your phone's built-in light, and you can get two of them on sale for over $20 off as of May 22.

From emergencies to outdoor escapades, you know you need a flashlight to light the way. The 8-in-1 MaxLight Mini Super Bright Utility Flashlight is 30 times brighter than what your phone can beam, and for a limited time, you can grab two for $32.97 — no coupon necessary.

These days, you probably only whip out a flashlight when you're trying to locate the remote control from under the bed, or when you're finding your seat in the cinema. Your phone's built-in flashlight is well-suited for those situations, but if you're going off the grid, you'll need an illumination source that's much more powerful. The MaxLight Mini packs an impressive punch with 800 lumens of light, and the best part is it fits right in your pocket.

Offering a minimalist design without sacrificing power and function, this portable flashlight comes equipped with eight separate functions to fulfill various tasks. Not only does it offer ample illumination, but it's also designed to work as a bottle opener for cracking open a cold one, a carabiner for your hikes, a foldable kickstand for your gadgets, and a mounting hole for, well, mounting things.

MaxLight Mini // Super Bright 8-in-1 Utility Flashlight that Fits On Your Keychain

As far as lighting is concerned, it has four light modes for easy adjustability. You can switch from super bright, medium, low, and strobe modes, in a flash, and you can trust that it can give you instant access to light with a single push of a button. It's also ever so durable with its water and dust-proof body made out of aluminum and ABS materials, and its rechargeable battery, which you can refuel via any USB power source, lasts up to 3.5 hours of use on a single charge.

You can do away with a toolbox with this multifunctional pocket flashlight. Normally retailing for $54, you can grab two MaxLight Minis on sale for only $32.97.

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