This Valentine's, give a gift that keeps on giving — an MS Surface tablet

This Valentine's, give a gift that keeps on giving — an MS Surface tablet
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Sure roses are beautiful and candy is sweet, but flowers die and candy gets eaten, leaving nothing behind but memories. This Valentine’s, why not get your loved one a gift that will not only last but will be used regularly, like this Microsoft Surface?

We’re not suggesting that you forgo romantic presents. In fact, we think that if you really want to earn brownie points this February 14th that you wrap up this tablet with a red bow and accompany it with an extra little treat to show you haven’t totally lost the meaning of the day. And since this Microsoft Surface 3 is being offered at such a low price, we’re sure you’re going to have some left over for that extra touch … and even a card!

“But it’s refurbished,” you’re thinking. Isn’t that like giving your significant other a used gift? No! In fact, not only are you getting a good-as-new tablet at a fraction of the price, but you’re saving a perfectly good device from potentially ending up in the landfill. See, you're showing your love for the earth as well as for your partner (or friend, or family member, or even yourself, if you so choose!)

So picture this … the big day arrives and you offer your gift (together with the aforementioned romantic gesture and bow … and make it a big one!) and whoever is opening it is giddy with anticipation. When the MS Surface is revealed, complete with its 2.4GHz speed, 10.8" full HD display, 2GB of RAM,64GB of storage, 10 hours of battery life, plus so much more, we’d be surprised if you weren’t showered with appreciation.

This Valentine’s Day we are offering this refurbished Microsoft Surface 3, complete with an aftermarket 30-day parts and labor warranty from a third party, for only $159.99 (no coupon necessary) —that’s more than 70% off the suggested retail price. But hurry! If you want it to arrive before the big day, you must put your order in before the end of the day February 3rd.

And as an added bonus, they will think of you whenever the tablet is booted up. It truly is the gift that keeps on giving.

Prices subject to change