Save 16% on this Shark Tank-featured electric carving knife

Save 16% on this Shark Tank-featured electric carving knife
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Tasked to host Thanksgiving dinner this year? You should know that cooking and serving turkey doesn't begin and end with following the perfect recipe. Cutting it up for all the guests seated at the table is just as crucial since you have to ensure that everyone gets their fair share.

Your mom will probably tell you that you need an entire carving set to do the job when really, a single tool can do the task with as much efficiency as a whole set of blades. The Mighty Carver Electric Knife can take charge of slicing your centerpiece protein, and for a limited time, you can get it on sale for 16 percent off.

If you're scratching your head thinking as to why this electric knife is shaped like a chainsaw, it's because it is. Call it a miniature chainsaw, if you will. This innovative electric carving knife harnesses the power of an actual chainsaw to carve not just a turkey, but pretty much any food. It features dual stainless steel blades, a button-activated blade release, and a guard to keep a consistent cut, and is designed to have an ergonomic handle for ease and comfort.

Halloween- Mighty Carver

Because this knife is also patterned after a full-size chainsaw, you can make a spectacle out of carving the turkey on Thanksgiving Day. Gather your family and friends around and make a show out of cutting up the star of the dinner table.

Once the festivities are over, you'll also have no problem cleaning it up, as it disassembles quickly for easy cleaning and immediate storage. “Great design, sturdy parts, easy to use. And it’s really cool knife to pose for pictures. Best gift ever!” says verified purchaser Ania.

Oh, and did we mention that it's a Shark Tank winner? Winner winner chicken dinner!

Formerly retailing for $83, you can get the Mighty Craver on sale for only $69.99. Make sure to snap it up ASAP to receive it in time for Thanksgiving.

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