Like doing puzzles? This one could earn you a cool $1 million

Like doing puzzles? This one could earn you a cool $1 million
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When's the last time you put down the PS5 controller and finished a puzzle over the kitchen table? If you need some incentive to revisit the pastime, how's this? You can earn up to $1 million by assembling The 2 Million Dollar Puzzle.

Prizes aside, this brain game offers something any puzzle lover will adore simply through its sinister design. Open the box, and the 500 pieces will look very similar, with only a few colors and a lot of straight lines. In addition, the completed image is a QR code, which means it will give your brain a workout.

But you can bet the result is worth it. Not only will you be satisfied with completing this monster, but you'll also be able to scan the resulting code. Once you do that, you win cash. How much cash? That depends on the code you complete. Each of them wins the builder at least a dollar, and the top prize is a cool $1,000,000. Why is it called the 2 Million Dollar Puzzle? Because there are two of those codes floating around. The more puzzles you make, the more you can win, and the greater your chances of snagging the grand prize.

The game is put out by the New York art collective MSCHF, whose One Million Dollar Puzzle was such a hit last year that they just had to put out a sequel. So now there are two chances to win the big prize, and the process of completing it is so fun you'll want to try it a few times.

Luckily, you can do just that. Right now, you can buy a single copy of the game for $30, two boxes for $56, or up to four. The more you order, the bigger the discount. Happy puzzling!

Prices subject to change.