For $25, this puzzle could make you a millionaire

For $25, this puzzle could make you a millionaire
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When the pandemic hit and we were told not to leave home, we had to fill our time somehow. We watched TV and were glued to our devices. In time, we had to stop the doomscrolling and do something more relaxing, less stressful. We turned to puzzles.

Yes, in March of 2020, retailers couldn’t keep jigsaw puzzles on the shelf. German puzzle maker Ravensburger had reported a 370% increase year over year in the U.S. during that time. We’re not sure if that included their uber-cool jigsaw puzzles which can be brought to life using an app for the iPhone or iPad 2, but back to the point. Puzzles are seeing resurgence like never before.

More than just a divergence from life as we knew it, giving us a brief break from the tragedy, anxiety, and uncertainty stemming from the pandemic and other natural and man-made disasters around the world, it seems that bringing order to hundreds or thousands of chaotic pieces of puzzles has more benefits than just being a form of escape.

Puzzles give our brain a workout. They can help to improve our short-term memory, our visual-spatial reasoning, and even potentially stave off the effects on dementia. It can be a group activity, allowing you to spend more time with your family, or give you a break from them should you decide to tackle the puzzle solo.

Now that there is seemingly a light at the end of the pandemic tunnel, the question is will the interest in puzzles remain high. If all the above is not enough to keep you at it, would a chance of winning a million bucks by simply completing a puzzle help? That’s right. All you need to do is assemble this One Million Dollar Puzzle, and then scan it with your device. You will then be directed to a web page where you’ll enter your secret prize code (from the paper insert in your box) and learn what you’ve won — anywhere from 25 cents to 1 million dollars. Everyone is a winner!

We know you’re intrigued now. To sweeten this deal even more, during our Cyber Monday sale, we are offering this deal at a further 20% off our already discounted price. Regularly priced at $30, you can get in on your chance to become a millionaire for only $24.99.

Prices subject to change.