Set the mood on the go with this portable, waterproof light for $36.95

Set the mood on the go with th...
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The right lighting can transform a room, an event, or an environment, but constraints like how you’ll source power, size, and fragility often limit your options. With the MOGICS Coconut Light, on sale now for 24% off its list price, you’ll get portability and illumination in one.

Perfect for if you're on the move, the adaptable lamp is a unique, minimalist sphere shape that creates a planet-like glow. You can use it anywhere without worrying about it breaking because it’s made with a durable silicone material — allowing it to even bounce around — and the lamp is also entirely waterproof. Bring it into the pool for an evening dip where the glowing gift can float on the water or be submerged to create underwater luminescence.

MOGICS Coconut - The Most Adaptable & Portable Light EVER

Using a high-efficiency LED, it brightens up any room and has four different light modes: normal, 50%, 30%, and breathing. It’s also foldable to make it easy to take camping, to the beach, or any other location. More than 1,600 backers pledged over $105,000 on Kickstarter to bring the project to life, a testament to its attractive and innovative design following three years of engineering tests and countless prototypes.

The lamp self-inflates automatically thanks to its valve structure and it won’t leak air, ensuring it maintains its bounce and sturdiness. The lamp also features an invisible power switch. Achieve a full charge in just an hour with the USB cable, and then you can take it wherever you please. The battery life depends on the lighting mode used and can last up to 30 hours.

In addition to the fantastic home-accessory deal on a standard one-pack with a warm white light, which is on sale for $36.95, there are also deals for a single multicolor light, as well as two-packs for both color options.

Create the perfect aesthetic wherever you are with the MOGICS Coconut. This portable light is usually priced at $49, but can be yours for just $36.95, a 24% discount.

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