Narwal Freo: Is it the robotic vac and mop we’ve been waiting for?

Narwal Freo: Is it the robotic vac and mop we’ve been waiting for?
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It’s always encouraging to see a business attempt to innovate. After putting the industry on notice last year with its first self-cleaning robotic vacuum and mop, Narwal Robotics has followed up with an even more advanced model. It’s called the Narwal Freo. And just looking at the laundry list of talents and abilities proves there’s a new contender in the fight for the best pound-for-pound robo vac and mopping robot on the market today.

The Freo comes loaded, sporting five different cleaning modes for attacking your specific home-cleaning plan, all without manually switching or making equipment changes. However, the real eye-catcher here is the Arcuate-Route cleaning paths. This feature allows the Freo to plan the cleaning paths logically, starting with the space furthest away from the base, as this helps prevent dragging dust or dirt onto an already clean floor.

Employing its proprietary DirtSense technology, the Freo intelligently assesses dirt levels to determine which areas need more mopping attention, adjusts cleaning durations, then launches multiple runs until that area passes its ruthless digital inspection. The Freo even lets you manually program your floor type so that the robot will apply just the right amount of pressure and humidity to the mop heads to handle tile or wooden floors.

The Freo is also equipped with a Smart-Swing feature, which allows it to get as close as possible to wall edges while mopping to reach corners. In addition, this innovative machine uses brushes angled at a unique 14 degrees since this is the most efficient degree for side brushes to collect all the dust and not spin out the dust.

The main issues with most dual vacuuming and mopping robots are the hassle of swapping out pieces to handle both operations and crossover pollution. The Freo easily tackles both problems, as it’s specially designed to prevent secondary pollution, with mop pads that remain on the unit but elevate when vacuuming and side brushes that pull in when mopping. These features make it easy to shift from vacuuming to mopping and back again without cross-contamination.

Finally, the whole unit lives in its compact cleaning station, where the mop pads receive an automatic thorough cleaning and drying with dual 40 °C heated air to prevent any potential bacterial growth. Pretty cool, huh?

The Narwal Freo is available now through the company’s website at a savings of up to $300 off the retail price, bringing your total to just $999, now through 11/30.

Prices subject to change