How to keep your house cleaner with less work

How to keep your house cleaner with less work
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Being an adult isn’t that great when you consider all the cleaning you have to do. Make cleaning your floors simple and effortless with this robot vacuum and mop in one.

For any of the countless overworked professionals out there, or parents who say they’re too busy to enjoy the fun of parenting, time is valuable. When looking at a full calendar, wouldn’t it be ideal for creating space by eliminating the most boring-yet-essential chores out there — e.g., keeping the floors of your house clean?

Narwal Freo is a fresh take on the cleaning robot, and it’s only been available since September. It can absolutely alleviate you from some cleaning time. The machine is capable of vacuuming, mopping and even doing both simultaneously. Like how each home is unique, the Freo is capable of customized tidying-up procedures that utilize five different cleaning modes.

How is the Narwal Freo any more capable than other robot cleaners?

Well, a large part of its customizability and versatility comes from its inner vacuum and mops’ dual-performance capabilities. These inner parts work with roller brushes and side brushes for the most thorough approach possible, with a route-planning algorithm that also accounts for mopping and vacuuming overlapping areas, alternating brushes to prevent wet dry cross-contamination as it goes.

The Narwal Freo vacuums as well as its competitors, and with a remarkably quieter output. Working effectively while emitting as little as 55dB of noise will help prevent this time-saving instrument from distracting those fun moments as a parent and while working from home. With its Mop Self Cleaning and DirtSense features, you can also trust the Narwal’s doing great work while you pursue your career and enjoy your family.

The versatility and flexibility of the Narwal Freo have helped it earn a strong reputation fast. It began by being placed in the Top 10 for TIME’s Best Innovations of 2020. Since then, Narwal has earned honors at the 2022 European Product Design Awards and the CES Innovation Awards. It’s also rated a near-perfect 4.8/5 stars on its website.

Save yourself time and stress without leaving a mess. Grab a Narwal Freo today. Use code NEWATLAS for $250 off your purchase