Natural Cycles: hormone-free, zero side effects and FDA cleared birth control

Natural Cycles: hormone-free, zero side effects and FDA cleared birth control
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Natural Cycles is the first FDA-cleared app to aid women in knowing everything about their body's fertility. It’s a 100 percent hormone-free birth control method with enough supporting data to be 98% effective when used perfectly and 93% effective when used typically to prevent pregnancy.

Using Natural Cycles is easy. A user simply needs to measure her temperature a thermometer or sync their temperature data with a wearable such as the Oura Ring when she wakes up. Then she enters that reading into the app, where the algorithm calibrates those readings — along with other fertility indicators — to offer a daily fertility status. If it’s a green day, you’re not fertile. If it’s a red day, you might be fertile and should use protection or abstain from having sex.

Effective from day one, Natural Cycles actually improves the user journey over time as it gets to know its user and the collected data to align further to her unique cycle to produce even more accurate readings. While its usefulness in preventing pregnancy is evident, Natural Cycles is also tailor-made for women trying to plan a pregnancy, outlining the best possible window for ovulation to achieve those results.

Guided by a mission to pioneer women’s health through research, passion, and empowerment, Natural Cycles is also committed to information protection for its users. Because it is a regulated medical device, Natural Cycles upholds strict privacy protection measures to protect user’s sensitive data. In fact, it was recently named one of two fertility apps that received a favorable privacy rating from Mozilla.

And there’s a vast stockpile of that data gathered already. Since the first version of Natural Cycles was launched nearly a decade ago, the service has over 2 million registered users, charted and analyzed over 6 million cycles, and earned women’s trust everywhere. Happy users have pushed the app to an impressive 4.7-star rating out of 5 stars from over 57,000 reviewers in the Apple App and Google Play stores.

"I'm so grateful to Natural Cycles for giving me a powerful, empowering, effective option to understand and work with my fertility," wrote Kat Champigny, a two-year Natural Cycles user.

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Prices subject to change. Disclaimer: While Natural Cycles is intended only for women 18 and older, the app offers no protection against the spread of sexually transmitted infections (STIs), so users are still advised to take precautions whenever they engage in sexual activity.