Here's a quadcopter drone with 4K HD camera that will blow you away

Here's a quadcopter drone with...
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Not into flying these days? With surging prices of airline tickets and the looming delta variant, we don't blame you. For the days you still want to get air, insert this Ninja Dragon Vortex 9 RC Quadcopter Drone and go the distance.

So, what makes the Ninja Dragon Vortex 9 better than any other quadcopter on the market at its price point? Not only does this drone connect to any smartphone with a few short clicks on the app so you can see all of your photos and vids in real-time, but it also includes one of the best cameras on the copter market. You'll be flying high, checking out the sights and sounds in 4K, which is four times that of a 1080p sensor when it comes to detail, highlight, and shadows.

The altitude hold mode ensures you don't get wobbly quality while stabilizing the drone and gives the 6-axis gyroscope a buttery smooth flight experience. This is perfect for people who are looking to get that flash snap or have a muse that likes to pose and dash (we're looking at you, birds). The headless mode allows the copter to keep its position well adjusted, while the four channels are perfecting all of the controls you need, including ascent, descent, forward, backward, left flight, right flight and 360 rolls.

Ninja Dragon Vortex 9 RC Quadcopter Drone with 4K HD Camera

Done with your drone? No sweat, the one key automatic return function you can get the quadcopter back in an instant just by pushing a button, no steering or maneuvering necessary. Essentially, unlike the other drones, you'll let that bad boy find you for once.

Get the Ninja Dragon Vortex 9 RC Quadcopter Drone with 4K HD Camera, which includes three 3.7V 800mAh batteries, four spare blades, four protective frames, a USB charging cable, a screwdriver, and remote control, for 67.99 (Reg. $149) with code ANNUAL15. Need more than one? Double the fun with a two-pack of your new favorite quadcopter for $126.65 (Reg. $299) with code ANNUAL15, but only for a limited time.

Prices subject to change.