Pick, capture, and match colors with a simple scan using this Nix Mini

Pick, capture, and match colors with a simple scan using this Nix Mini
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We often become inspired by colors, whether they be in nature, on a piece of clothing, or on an item of furniture, but when we try to replicate it, the end result is often “not exactly right.” Next time have this Nix Mini Color Sensor V2 handy.

Describing color is almost impossible, to recreate through words the intensity of brightness, the degrees of shade. When trying to relate to a blind person what colors look like, we could use the other senses to capture the nuances of how that color might sound, feel, or smell. However, we suspect that if we went into the hardware store and started saying that we wanted a paint that smelled like fresh-cut grass, or felt like dirt after the rain, well they’d probably think we were a little nuts. Instead, when the perfect color catches our attention and inspires us, we can capture it with a simple scan.

Carry this Nix Mini Color Sensor V2 with you anywhere you go and the next time you see a color that sparks your creativity, be it in nature or the urban jungle, a quick scan can give you an accurate reading and then instantly match it to the color swatches from many of the leading paints providers. It also will come in extremely useful when you are trying to match the paint on a wall and you’ve forgotten (or never knew) exactly what the name of it was.

Spring is in the air, and so are home renovations. Add this tool to your DIY arsenal and you’ll be able to recreate that perfect color on your walls, your furniture, or wherever the mood strikes you. It’s also a must-have addition for anyone creating art, is into graphic design or photography, or works with color in any capacity. Get yours today for only $89.95, a 15% discount off the suggested retail price.

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