The Original Levitating Moon Lamp is on Sale for $113.99

The Original Levitating Moon Lamp is on Sale for $113.99
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Everyone remembers that iconic moment in It's A Wonderful Life when George gleefully asks Mary if she'd like him to wrangle the moon. Viewers watched with stars in their eyes hoping for their very own moon. Now dreams are coming true: Anyone can own the moon and display it proudly while they binge that next flick, ditching the harsh overhead lights with the Original Levitating Moon Lamp.

The Original Levitating Moon Lamp, accompanied by a contemporary wooden base, makes any room shine like the solar system while giving a sense of serenity.

There are two settings on the levitating orb: it can constantly rotate for a more futuristic vibe, or it can stay in one position for a sleek, modern look. Either way will make your home feel both brighter and infinitely more tranquil at the same time, a vibe an overhead lamp just can't provide.

And, since this light is so cutting edge, the creators spared no expense in bringing you the true NASA experience with the patented design, which accurately reproduces the moon's surface and craters. Grabbing this light ensures that you can get a good look at the moon even on a cloudy, cold night.

If you're using your phone, tablet, or TV to light up your night, Harvard says you should cut it out. Luckily, this light provides all the guidance you need, no harmful blue light necessary.

No need to worry about wires or longevity either, as this light shines for about 26 hours at a time. Just give it a quick charge and it's ready for longer than a full day.

The Original Levitating Moon Lamp usually sells for $130, but it's on sale for a limited time for $113.99, a savings of 12%.

The Original Levitating Moon Lamp™

Prices subject to change.

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